PA Vent Camp staff consists of the camp directors; a health staff with physicians, nurses, respiratory therapsists, physical therapists, occupational therapists,and speech language pathologists; team leaders; partners; an activity staff; and junior partners and counselors.

Camp staff will include, but not be limited to, a minimum of 2:1 ratio of staff volunteers to each camper participant.  Each camper will have a camp staff individual assigned to them as a primary care partner throughout the camp experience.

Our Camp Directors

Dr. Michael Dettorre

Dr. Dettorre has served as the Director for PA Vent Camp since the mid 1990s. In his role as director, Dr. Mike, as the campers and staff refere to him, oversees all of the camp’s organizational structure as well as the medical status of each camper.  He is the Director of the Home Ventilator Program for Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and is currently an Associate Professor in Pediatric Critical Care.





Tonya Miller PT, DPT COS-C

In her role as Vice President of Home Health at Celtic, Tonya is the administrator for all home health operations and supervises multi-state interdisciplinary teams. In addition to her administrative role, Tonya coordinates the educational pathways for rehab services internally and provides external educational series related to a variety of topics in home health care, rehabilitation, and management. Tonya received her Masters in Physical Therapy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1992 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Temple University in 2007. Tonya is currently enrolled in a PhD program for administration and leadership at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has been an active member of APTA since 1990 and served as the Home Health Section’s publication chair from 2006-2010. Presently, Tonya is the section’s Vice President and serves as the program chair for Combined Sections Meeting. Tonya has provided national presentations related to a wide variety of aspects of home health care topics. She has also had the opportunity to publish articles in several industry magazines including Caring Magazine and The Journal of Home Health Nurse. Finally, Tonya plays a very active role as a community volunteer leader. Tonya, along with another healthcare professional, founded PA Vent Camp in 1994. PA Vent Camp is a week-long camp for children who are ventilator dependent. The camp is free to the children and provides respite care for the children’s families. Tonya is a core team member and the Activities Director for the camp. Additionally, Tonya leads many of the organization’s fundraising efforts.




 Robin Kingston MSN, CRNP

Robin has been attending PA Vent Camp since the mid 1990s.  She has served as a team leader and is presently the staffing coordinator for PA Vent Camp.  In her role as staffing coordinator, Robin recruits and coordinates all staffing for the camp.  Robin is a pediatric nurse practitioner with the Pediatric Home Ventilator Program at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.







Jennifer L. Myers BS RRT-NPS


- Coordinates RT student program
– Volunteered for 13 years at PA Vent
– Director of Respiratory Care at UPMC East in Monroeville, PA
– Worked for UPMC Presby for 9 years and ISMETT in Palermo, Italy for 2 years
– Favorite parts about camp are the dance and seeing friends that I only see once a year.




Katrina Thomas MSN, CRNP

Katrina has been attending PA Vent since it began in 1994.  She has served as partner, team leader, and core team member. In her present role, Katrina coordinates nursing educational pathways and assists with organizing medical equipment supplies for the camp. Katrina is a lead clinical mentor for nursing students and staff members of PA Vent Camp. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner with Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic Surgery at Penn State Milton S. Medical Center.






Ken Ballinger RRT-NPS

Ken is one of the founding core team members and has served as the lead respiratory therapist since 1994. In his role, Ken coordinates the medical equipment supplies for the camp. Ken is a respiratory therapist at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.


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