About The Camp

For over 20 years, the PA Vent Camp has served the children of Pennsylvania¬† ¬† Over the past decades as medical technology and chronic care have improved, it has become commonplace for children’s hospitals to discharge children on some form of assisted home ventilation. In 1991 the staff of the Penn State Children’s Hospital followed […]


Our sponsors help a lot, but it costs approximately $2000 per child to provide the camp experience for our campers. Your donations will help us to continue to provide a free camp experience. Via Paypal


PA Vent Camp staff consists of the camp directors; a health staff with physicians, nurses, respiratory therapsists, physical therapists, occupational therapists,and speech language pathologists; team leaders; partners; an activity staff; and junior partners and counselors. Camp staff will include, but not be limited to, a minimum of 2:1 ratio of staff volunteers to each camper […]

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