Call for volunteers!!

We still need volunteers for 2014 Camp! If you have not volunteered for this year’s camp please do so if you plan to attend. Yes!! Even if you have volunteered in past years you must volunteer again.
At this time we do not have enough volunteers for the campers that we have coming and that is without inviting any of our older kids back!! We want to hear from you. PLEASE!!!
Still need night shift nurses, nurse partners, team leaders.

Robin L. Kingston, CRNP

Superheroes Save Vent Camp!

The theme for PA Vent Camp 2013 is Superheroes Save Vent Camp! We will be creating our own superheroes, so get ready to get into the theme! Some donations for crafts that we are looking for this year are the following:


  • Superhero comic books
  • Scrap fabric
  • Toilet paper/paper towel rolls


You can drop any donations off at the Activities shed when you check in at camp. This year is also our 20th year of PA Vent Camp, so bring your throwback gear from year’s past and be ready to celebrate! We appreciate your help and cannot wait to see you soon!




PA Ventcamp volunteers need to reapply through website

Reminder to PA Ventcamp volunteers that you need to RE-Apply through the website volunteer page (if you have not already done so). Doing so will give us your current demographic information to update our database, and let us know of your available dates. Also, please note the new requirements listed on the volunteer page that include a child abuse clearance in addition to the criminal background checks.

New Mandated Requirements for Volunteers

We have new requirements for volunteers that include a child abuse clearance in addition to the criminal background checks we have performed for the past several years. We must have the child abuse clearance PRIOR to accepting a volunteer to participate in camp this year. This is for those volunteers 18 years of age and older. This is a very lengthy process and can only be performed by the volunteer. The minimal turnaround time for the process to be completed is 6 weeks and can certainly take longer. Therefore, it is imperative that if you plan to attend camp or think that you might like to do so, you initiate this process ASAP. A delay in doing so will mean that we cannot allow you to attend camp without the proper documentation. If you have recently received clearance (in the past 2 years) for your job or other volunteer experience, this will suffice. You can forward us a copy of the documentation. If we don’t have adequate numbers of staff with the proper clearance, we will be forced to limit the number of campers allowed to attend camp this year.


If you do not have a recent child abuse clearance, the form that you need to complete may be found at:

Please complete the 1st page, √ the box for Volunteer under purpose for certificate area, sign, and date and send it to:


Include a $10 MONEY ORDER, along with the form. They will not accept checks or credit cards. While you can complete the form on the computer, you will need to print out the form to sign, date and mail it in. They do not accept electronic transmissions. You will also need to include a copy of your PA Criminal Background Check. If you volunteered at PA Vent Camp last year you may have received a copy when you registered at camp. If you don’t have one you can email us to get a copy or get one on-line. This form may be found at:
Please print it out to send with the child abuse clearance form.

Click on Submit a New Record Check then click on the Accept button on the next page, complete the information on the page, click next and complete the credit card information ($10 cost) and submit it electronically. You will receive the results instantly (in a few seconds) on the computer. Print out the form and add it to the PA Child Abuse clearance form. Once you receive the clearance in the mail, please forward a copy to us. We will not be able to accept you as a volunteer at camp until we have the clearance in hand.