Camp Info

Camp Eligibility

  • Campers age is between 4-18 years
  • Camper is dependent on ventilation, CPAP, or Bi-PAP for all or part of the day
  • Camper is able to understand and participate in camp activities
  • Medical care plan is able to be carried out in a camp setting
  • Camper is able to provide transportation to and from camp

Download (DOC, 85KB)

You will be notified if your child has been accepted for PA Vent Camp.

Arrival and Depature Information
Your camper will receive a time to arrive at camp on the first day.  It is important to arrive as close to your designated time as possible as there is a check-in process that is somewhat timely.  Arriving at your designated time will help the check-in process to run more smoothly.

You will receive a packet at check-in that you will need to take with you to each station.  Your camper will need a physical.  All medications will need to be checked in with the cabin nurse and respiratory team leaders.  All equipment will also be checked in and labeled at the cabins.

There will be a checklist of equipment for us to know exactly what you are brining to camp for your child.  We will check each piece of equipment in.  Parents will be responsible for setting up the bedside equipment to ensure that all of the equipment is there and that the set up is correct.  The parent will then need to review and sign the checklist of eqiupment.

Upon departure, the parent will again be responsible for packing the bedside equipment making sure that everything that was brought to camp is going back home with the camper.  The parent will then sign the checklist again to ensure that the camper has all of their equipment when they leave.  Departure is on Thursday from 9am – 1pm.

Items to pack for camp
It is very important to pack all items and equipment that your child normally uses. We may not have extra equipment to supplement your child’s supplies so PLEASE make sure you bring everything for a week plus a few extras!!

Click here for a list of items we recommend you pack

Directions to Camp Victory where camp is held click here

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