What does it mean to volunteer at PA Vent Camp?                           New Background Check Requirements!   Click here

Volunteers generally arrive the day before the campers to help set up the camp.  Most volunteers then stay for the week with the campers.  There are many ways that you can volunteer at PA Vent Camp:

Partner – partners are paired with a camper and help to care for their needs, get involved with activities or crafts, and generally buddy up with the camper for the week. Partners do not necessarily need to have a medical background, however, this is helpful for many of our campers.

Junior Partner – junior partners are high school students who will also be paired with a camper for the week and help the Partner to care for the camper and make sure the camper is having fun.

Activities – the activities crew is the creative aspect of camp. This group is in charge of all of the activities for the week including arts and crafts, games, talent show, etc.

Team Leader – team leaders are nurses or respiratory therapists who are in charge of making sure the campers have all of their medical needs met including medication administration, feeds, respiratory therapies, etc.

We also take nursing and respiratory therapy students.  This is a great opportunity to advance your clinical knowledge.


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